15-minute phone consultation

Let's get to know each other!

Virtual Styling package

What will you get?

Virtual styling is an easy, affordable alternative to one-on-one styling - and just as personalized. With virtual styling, you can expect to receive:

  • Complete mood and inspiration boards, style analysis

  • Virtual closet audit - the average closet takes about an hour to audit, some larger closets take longer

  • Personal online shopping with customized catalog creation

  • Virtual styling session

  • Your choice of an online or physical look book of your built out new outfits to refer to and use anytime for easy every day dressing

Personal shopping day

What will you get?


The personal shopping day service includes:

  • One-One Style Consultation. Get clarity on how to become THE BEST YOU and receive a personalized action plan! Identify what body-shape you are and which color palettes comfortably sit against your skin tone


  • Personalized Style Identity. Create a style identity for yourself that represents the true and authentic you. An image that perfectly delivers the messages you choose to portray. A personalized style that aids you in achieving your goals. Feel empowered in your second skin and look and feel better than ever before


  • One-One Personal Shopping Day. Personalized shopping trip tailored just for you. Spend the day visiting targeted stores and trying on uniquely stylized looks picked just for YOU!


  • One-One Follow Up Coaching Session. Review your new and improved wardrobe after the Personal Shopping Day

The total makeover package 

What will you get?


What to wear, what to keep, what to toss and what to buy to upgrade your look and make every day dressing easy. With one-on-one styling, you can expect to receive:


Just like skincare, we need to have a wardrobe routine. This service entails 3 main phases.


Phase 1: Cleanse

A good wardrobe starts with a good foundation. This is the first step in your style upgrade. Your closet should only hold garments that flatter your silhouette & your personal statement. We will go through your wardrobe and evaluate each item based on fit, color, material, purpose, and wearability.

* This consultation usually takes about 2 hours.


Phase 2: Treat 

In this phase we will shop for new items based on your personal needs. We will create your own personal a mood-board and will discuss your needs.

* Duration may vary depending on your needs. 

* Shopping without the client is also available. Phase


3: Protect

This is the maintenance stage.


* This is a FREE 30-minute phone call for those who went through phase 1 & 2.


  • - Initial consultation

  •  - Personal style profile - Body & Style Analysis

  • - Inspiration boards and style analysis 

  • - Closet audit (up to 3 Hours)*

  • - Outfit Styling (up to 2 hours)

  • - In-person shopping session

  • - Styling and wardrobe rework to incorporate new and old items

  • - Your choice of an online or physical look book of your built out new outfits to refer to and use anytime for easy every day dressing.

  • - Personalized Private Pinterest Page or Moodboard
    - 2 week follow up via email/text